What Can We Do to Support the Arts Community?

About Us

Adventix founder Bruce Mishkin is a musician who still performs a few times a month. He’s been involved in the entertainment industry for as long as he can remember and naturally gravitates to the arts, whether that means getting up on stage himself or attending a concert, play, ballet or art exhibit.


Bruce is always having discussions with performers, artists and event venue operators about what can be done to bring more attention to the arts. But he reached a point where he wanted to do more than have conversations. Bruce started talking to more people in the arts community and business improvement groups to come up with a real solution. 


He learned that about 85 percent of performing arts and cultural institutions are nonprofits, but very few are taking advantage of platforms and programs that exist to help nonprofits succeed. Many still don’t know, for example, about Google Ad Grants, a program that offers $10,000 per month in free Google AdWords advertising to eligible nonprofits.


Bruce, a Google AdWords-certified professional with a number of clients in the arts community, attended a webinar about digital knowledge management. Then the wheels started turning.


“I realized my team and I could help organizations and venues promote events by simplifying the process of creating, sharing and managing information across the internet,” Mishkin said. “We could make sure they use every resource available to communicate with the people who are passionate about the arts and the causes these organizations support.”


That’s how Adventix came to be.


The Adventix Mission


Our mission is to help performing arts and cultural institutions promote their events and build stronger relationships with their supporters, using every tool, every resource and every ounce of expertise available. 


Our services combine digital knowledge management, which enables the centralized distribution and management of information across the internet, with Google’s powerful business tools and advertising services. All services are managed by people who know how to develop and execute smart marketing strategies that produce real results.


Adventix is driven by a passion for the arts community and powered by the technology and expertise that performing arts and cultural institutions need to be successful. We hope you’ll give us an opportunity to promote your events and initiatives and enhance your digital presence across the web.

"My team and I realized we could help organizations and venues promote events by simplifying the process of creating, sharing and managing information across the internet.” 

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