Interpret Data. Understand Your Audience.

Understand Your Audience. Turn Data into Insights.


Are people finding you when they search for performing arts and cultural events? Are they getting the information they need? What pages and platforms are most popular? Are people buying tickets to your events? Leaving reviews? Liking, sharing and commenting? Donating? Volunteering? These are just a few questions analytics can answer – when properly configured and managed.


Adventix helps you take control of the mountains of data available through the analytics tools of Google, Facebook and other platforms. We’ll bring your data into a single dashboard and provide a unified view of how well your organization is performing. Our team will:


  • Measure performance on virtually any platform, from your website and landing pages to search engines and apps.

  • Fine tune your digital knowledge management and marketing strategies based on the latest data.

  • Customize your dashboard to focus on the metrics that matter most.

  • Generate customized reports and insights to recap events and guide future strategies.

Learn exactly how consumers interact with your organization across the search, social and review universe

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