Data Cleansing

Keep Your Data Squeaky Clean and Organized


Think about the chaos created when different departments and staff handle data for the same event. The risk of mistakes goes through the roof. When data is inconsistent or flat out wrong, mistakes inevitably make their way to the people who want to buy tickets and support your organization. Mistakes create doubt and confusion. Doubt and confusion lead to lost ticket sales and weaker relationships with your supporters.


A critical part of digital knowledge management is data cleansing. Adventix takes this responsibility off your plate and simplifies the process. You’ll feel confident that your supporters are only receiving accurate event information based on pristine data. Our team will:


  • Correlate data from all internal databases, spreadsheets, customer relationship management systems and other data sources to ensure consistency and accuracy. 

  • Knock down internal data silos, consolidate disparate data, and correct errors using a single platform to create clarity and transparency.

  • Scour the web to ensure external digital knowledge reflects the accuracy of your squeaky clean internal data.

We make sure that no matter where your organization’s information is found, it will be up-to-date and correctly published across all the sites that matter to consumers

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