Digital Knowledge Management

Accurate Information Everywhere = More Event Traffic


Think about the information related to your organization that exists on the web. Facts about your events, mission and people. Instructions for ordering tickets and making donations. Photos and videos. Customer reviews. Social media posts. Contact information. Directions to your events and offices.


This is digital knowledge.


Now think about where that digital knowledge exists. It’s not just on your website. It’s on search engines, social media, apps, directories, review sites – everywhere people go for information about the arts. And Google isn’t just a list of blue links anymore. Google now offers a full knowledge panel that allows organizations to display contact information, directions, photos, videos, reviews, upcoming events and even a “donate” button. 


Of course, many people don’t even bother typing to find information anymore. They just ask Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri or Cortana. The answers these voice assistants provide depend on the information they find on the web.


When people look for you, what are they finding?


If you want to sell tickets to your events and build support for your fundraising, education and volunteer programs, your organization’s digital knowledge needs to be shared in all the right places. It needs to be accurate, complete, current and consistent with your brand – everywhere on the web. It needs to be optimized and structured in a way that makes sense to search engines, voice assistants and other resources. It needs ongoing attention and maintenance.


This is digital knowledge management. 


Digital knowledge management is at the core of what we do at Adventix. We’re able to create, distribute, manage and update your digital knowledge from a single platform. Direct integrations with more than 100 search engines, directories, social media networks, review sites, voice assistants, maps, apps and more allow us to publish information with one click. We then monitor everything, everywhere, without having to manually visit each site. 


By centralizing and automating these tasks, we give you total control of your organization’s information so you can sell more tickets and engage supporters – with greater efficiency and precision than ever. 

Digital Knowledge Management creates, distributes, manages and update your digital knowledge from a single platform.

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