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Everything you do outside of your day-to-day operations to engage the community should be considered an event and promoted as such. In addition to traditional events like performances and exhibits, your fundraisers, workshops, galas, and educational programs are critical components of your event strategy.


Most performing arts and cultural institutions don’t have a “single version of the truth” for all event information or event knowledge. Events are managed in siloes. There’s no standard process for promotion, management, and tracking. Event knowledge is out there, somewhere, with little or no monitoring.


Take Control of Event Knowledge and Promotion


Events are too important to just say it, spray it, and hope for the best. Our approach and platform are simple, efficient and accountable so every event, large and small, gets the attention it deserves. Event knowledge management by Adventix streamlines the creation and sharing of facts about your events. Our team will:


  • Structure information for search using the proper event schema. That’s the code that people don’t see on your event site.

  • Automatically publish information to dozens of sites where people go to find event information.

  • Monitor and respond to event reviews.

  • Track the performance of event advertising by analyzing user engagement, traffic, ticket sales, RSVPs and other metrics.

  • Continually optimize your marketing strategies and measure the results. 

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Get total control of the way in which your events are promoted across the Internet.

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