10 Google AD Grants Management

How Does $10,000 per Month in Free Advertising Sound?


That’s not a gimmick or a misprint. And it’s not clickbait. Eligible nonprofits can indeed receive up to $10,000 every month in free Google Ads advertising. That translates to more exposure for your events. More attention to your causes. More opportunities to raise money and recruit volunteers.


The mission of Adventix is to help performing arts and cultural institutions take advantage of every resource available to promote their events and build stronger relationships with their supporters. Most of these organizations are nonprofits, but few are aware of the Google Ad Grants program. Many just don’t know how to use Google AdWords effectively.


We’re here to change that. Our team will:


  • Help you determine if you qualify for Google Ad Grants.

  • Set up your Google Ad Grants account. 

  • Create ads and manage your Google Ads campaigns.

  • Use Google Analytics to track ad performance and fine tune your strategy.

  • Make sure your organization maintains eligibility by following Google Ad Grants policies.

Considering Google Ad Grants? We’re certified Google Ad Professionals with 15 years of Google Ads expertise 

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