5 Valuable Google My Business Features for Performing Arts Institutions

In the previous article, we explained why every performing arts and cultural institution with a brick-and-mortar location needs to claim their Google My Business profile. Google My Business is a free tool that makes it easy to find basic information about your organization on Google without clicking through to your website.

Google is the first place people go for to find information and answers to questions. When you claim your Google My Business profile, you can take control the information Google shares about your organization, from contact information to event details to instructions for buying tickets.

Of course, simply claiming your Google My Business profile and filling it with current, accurate information is the first step. By taking advantage of these key features, you can improve your search ranking, draw the eyes of Google users to your organization, and make your events more successful.

1) Messaging

If you provide a mobile number, users can send your organization text messages, allowing you to engage with supporters and potential ticket buyers in real-time. By answering questions, overcoming obstacles, and providing support in the moment, you can increase event ticket sales.

2) Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are more likely to be viewed and shared than text. Add high-quality photos and videos from your events to your Google My Business profile to grab people’s attention. And remember, Google loves content because it shows you’re engaging with customers.

3) Reviews

About 40 percent of a person’s decision to make a purchase is based on reviews. People will go to your organization’s knowledge panel on Google to read and write reviews. Google Reviews should be monitored so you can respond accordingly. Thank people for positive reviews. Address negative reviews to resolve the issue. Again, Google loves when you respond to reviews because it shows you’re engaging your customers.

4) Google Posts

Google Posts are essentially free ads that appear in your organization’s knowledge panel. Use up to 10 posts at a time to publicize events, share news about your organization, or promote a special offer or product. You can then add a button with a call-to-action, whether you want people to call, buy tickets, or sign up for a newsletter. This information is indexed by Google, so posts can help your events show up in search results.

5) Q&A

Is there free parking? Do you offer group discounts? What restaurants are nearby? The Q&A feature on Google My Business allows people to ask and answer questions. When someone posts a question or answer, you’re automatically notified. Q&A gives you more opportunities to engage your audience and maintain control of information about your organization and events.

6) Descriptions

Use each field offered by Google to describe your organization, mission, events, educational programs, products, services, volunteering opportunities and more. While photos and videos are important, many people want to gather as much information as possible before making a purchase. Also, Google loves text content, too.

7) Insights

How are Google users searching for your organization? Are they searching for your organization specifically? If not, what specific queries are bringing them to your knowledge panel? What action do they take when they find you? How often to people call you or view photos? Google Insights provides answers to these and other questions so you can optimize your Google My Business profile and boost ticket sales.

8) “Donate Button”

For qualifying nonprofit organizations, Google My Business allows you to add a “donate” button to your knowledge panel. Google uses a third-party service that collects and fulfills all transactions that occur through the “donate” button. 24/7 fundraising capability on Google is a pretty powerful feature for performing arts and cultural institutions to have.

To find out how Adventix can help you take full advantage of your Google My Business profile to increase event ticket sales and foot traffic, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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