How Google Ads Extensions Give Your Campaigns More Visibility and Impact

Extension: (noun) a part that is added to something to enlarge or prolong it.

That’s the dictionary definition of “extension.” When you think about it, wouldn’t you like to extend your ad campaigns in terms of size and prominence?

Google Ads extensions are designed to do exactly that. They make your ads larger and more visible, which means they’re more likely to be noticed. They also give people more ways to engage, which can translate to better conversions and more awareness of different areas across your organization. Of course, Google makes it easy to track the results to determine which extensions deliver the most conversions.

Keep in mind that there’s no cost to add extensions to your campaigns. You’re only charged when people click. But you do have to know what extensions are available, when it makes sense to use them, and how to incorporate them into your Google Ads campaigns. Because ads in higher positions can display more extensions, you also have to develop a strategy that ensures a high enough Ad Rank for your extensions to appear.

That’s what we do for performing arts organizations and cultural institutions each day to increase ticket sales, gain support for their mission, and maximize their advertising investments. Here are six Google Ads extensions that we use to help our clients in the arts community.

1) Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions make it possible to add more links that take Google users to other pages on your website so they can go directly to the information they need. Sitelink extensions can be customized and changed as often as you like with start and end dates and tracked to optimize conversions. Examples of sitelink extensions include:

  • · Seating chart

  • · Upcoming shows

  • · Upcoming auditions, classes, workshops, camps, etc.

  • · Season ticket sales

  • · Group sales

  • · Donation page and fundraising events

  • · Hours of operation

2) Callout Extensions

A callout extension allows you to add up to 25 characters of text beyond your basic ad copy, below the description. These extensions allow you to callout various selling points that could entice people to buy tickets, visit your exhibit, or make a donation. For example, you could add:

  • · Free parking

  • · Great restaurants nearby

  • · Limited tickets remain

  • · Wheelchair accessible

  • · (fill in the blank) award winner

3) Structured Snippet Extensions

Structured snippet extensions preview and highlight specific aspects of your shows, programs, and events. A structured snippet appears as a header below the text of your ad. You can show two headers on a desktop computer and one header on a mobile device. Google Ads algorithms determine the best header or combination of headers to display.

Again, structured snippet extensions allow you to provide Google users with more information to persuade them to click. Available structured snippets include:

  • · Amenities

  • · Brands

  • · Courses

  • · Degree programs

  • · Destinations

  • · Featured hotels

  • · Insurance coverage

  • · Models

  • · Neighborhoods

  • · Service catalog

  • · Shows

  • · Styles

  • · Types

4) Call Extensions

A call extension allows you to add a phone number alongside your ad so people can tap or click the number to call you directly, whether they want to buy tickets or ask questions. You can also set up your campaign to display the call extension only during business hours when your organization has staff available to take calls.

5) Location Extensions

With a location extension, you can sync your campaign with your Google My Business profile. This not only includes a linkable address that can be clicked for directions in Google Maps, it also provides users with the same information they would find in your knowledge panel, such as a clickable “call” button, photos, and box office hours. A location extension appears as clickable text below your ad.

6) Price Extensions

Price extensions appear below your ad and allow you to list prices for different types of tickets, such as orchestra, balcony, or mezzanine, or different types of educational programs and camps. Display up to eight customized “cards” with different options and update them as often as you like. Price extensions make it easier for Google users to browse their options, and easier for you to track conversions on a granular level.

Google Ads extensions are woefully underused in the arts community. That means there is a tremendous opportunity to make your ads stand out by incorporating extensions into your campaigns. Contact us at (732) 535-6527 to learn how Adventix can help you sell more tickets and maximize the return on your advertising investment.

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